Sharifah Hardie Interviews Entrepreneurs Live at the Body, Mind, Spirit Fest

Business consultant, videocast & podcast host, Long Beach City Council candidate and CEO Sharifah Hardie interviews entrepreneurs live Saturday, August 17th at the Body, Mind, Spirit Fest in lovely Anaheim, CA.

In this live interview section, Sharifah Hardie will speak with business owners & entrepreneurs on a wide range of topics, including the nature of their product/services and plans for future marketing efforts, etc. As the interview holds, everyone will learn what has worked for them and the challenges that they see in the future. The interviews will be done through Facebook Live. It’s a free opportunity for business owners to promote their products or services.

“I’m someone who loves people. I love to help people build their businesses because I know businesses are what feed our families. They are what will boost the economy and give people a sense of accomplishment and pride” said Sharifah Hardie.


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