Ask Sharifah Hosts Special Virtual Birthday Party in Celebration of Sharifah Hardie’s 45th Birthday

Sharifah Hardie of is excited to announce that she will be turning 45 on Wednesday, March 31, 2021. To celebrate Ask Sharifah is hosting a virtual birthday party for Sharifah via Zoom. Sharifah wants to invite the world, her clients, her talk show guests, and anyone else interested in joining in on this very special event.

There is so much to celebrate and so much that led Sharifah to this moment. Sharifah is hardworking and resilient, passionate and talented. She always reminds her clients that they do not have to face the unknown alone in business or life.

It has been a long journey for Sharifah to get here. In her 45 years, she has raised two children to become amazing adults. She has survived two divorces and eight layoffs, and even after losing everything, she has built herself back up. When people need someone to listen, Sharifah is the perfect person for the job because whatever they are going through, she knows that they can get through it and find happiness and success. She knows this because that’s exactly what she did. This is likely what makes Sharifah such an excellent talk show host.