Sharifah Hardie is best known as Ask Sharifah. She is a business consultant, speaker and influencer. She is the author of the must-have book for entrepreneurs Signs You Might Be An Entrepreneur РHow to Discover the Entrepreneur in You! 

Sharifah is the Host of Ask Sharifah Videocast & Ask Sharifah Podcast. Viewers tune in daily to learn from the stories of business owners, celebrities and entrepreneurs. She is also the CEO of X Roads TV, In The News PR & In The News Magazine. In addition, Sharifah is the Co-Founder of the Powered by Purpose Tour.

Sharifah created her first website in 1994. She launched her first blog talk radio show in 2009 and is an expert at raising capital. Therefore, she is able to assist business owners become successful. Request a FREE CONSULTATION today to gain valuable insight on your business!


The must-read book for entrepreneurs Signs You Might Be An Entrepreneur lays out the steps to success. While most people may think they are entrepreneurs, Sharifah explains the difference between an entrepreneur and a dreamer. Based on over 25 years of online experience, Signs You Might Be An Entrepreneur gives readers the knowledge necessary to become a successful entrepreneur.


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