List Your Business in the Ask Sharifah Telephone Directory!

The Ask Sharifah Telephone Directory has 9 main categories and numerous subcategories. Choose as many subcategories as you like. It doesn't matter. No per call charges. New fresh leads are transferred directly to you and your business. You pay only $10.00 per subcategory per month paid semi-annually. That's just $60.00 to have your business listed in the Ask Sharifah Directory for 6 months!

  • Select the appropriate subcategory to list your business.
  • Send us your brief script. Callers will hear a recorded message about your business before being transferred to you.
  • Transfer calls to any telephone number you like.... even a Google Voice number.
  • Unable to take the call? Don't worry. You have your own dedicated voicemail.
  • Our representatives are available to answer callers who just press 0. If they're looking for your subcategory, we'll forward them directly to you.
  • Want to record your own message? That's fine too. Just send us the audio file!


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