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Sharifah Hardie, also known as Ask Sharifah, is a Long Beach, CA based business owner, consultant, motivational speaker, entrepreneur and influencer. She is a person on the rise!

For personal assistance from Ms. Hardie schedule your PRIVATE SESSION today. Make immediate and lasting changes in your life. If you are not in the Long Beach area Ms. Hardie will consult via  Zoom Video Chat. Ms. Hardie uses her gifts, skills & abilities to help her clients succeed in life. She has also helped to raise millions of dollars for her clients. Rather than face the unknown alone contact Ask Sharifah today!

Sharifah Hardie, CEO of X Roads TV and best known as Ask Sharifah, has done it again. Now no longer satisfied simply hosting an “interview style” radio show, Ms. Hardie has amplified her appeal to her audience by offering “Ask Sharifah” as recorded video interviews. Viewers can now expect more entertaining discussion, and in-depth conversation with the introduction of video interviews.

Every video interview provides viewers with information on today’s most relevant topics and latest trends, as Ms. Hardie asks the questions you’ve always wanted to know from today’s top experts and influencers. Each episode allows the guest to provide their expertise, wisdom, guidance and personal story in a way audiences love.

Ask Sharifah has interviewed some of the top celebrities, business owners, executives and entrepreneurs in the world; from Patti LaBelle to Verizon Wireless; from Wells Fargo to Mall of America. Ms. Hardie has interviewed heartthrob Dorian Gregory, and executives from Roscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles. No business, personality or story is too large or too small for Ask Sharifah.

Video interviews also make for amazing promotional tools. Videos can be used for author’s to promote their books, event promotion or to share holiday sales or specials. Recorded videos make for great website intros, as well as social media content. Too often when business owners create their businesses, the passion and the story gets lost behind the scenes and customers can only see the product or service. This is an opportunity to show off some personality, and let everyone know the “why” behind the business.

Business owners, entrepreneurs and artists are invited to Schedule An Interview. Each interview is $25.00. Interviews are promoted on social media through Facebook, as well as through Ms. Hardie’s personal websites. View some of the previous video interviews on XRoadsTV.com and AskSharifah.com.

Entrepreneurs interested in even more networking opportunities are invited to join new networking platform: VirtualNetworkingEvent.com.