“Use the Tried and Proven Methods” Tip From Nathan Ripley

Starting and successfully running a business is a task dependant on many factors and many variables that aren’t always in our direct control. There are many ways to lead and manage a business, and there are at least as much ways to ruin one. The best piece of advice I’ve been given regarding the way of organizing my business was to use the tried and proven methods. In other words, if you don’t have to don’t innovate.
This might seem counter-intuitive and certainly not very productive, but there is a logic in the statement. When you’re establishing your business the first thing you need to do is secure the business. And while there are companies that are carried by their innovation, most businesses rely on tired and tested business models that just work..
By following the established routine in a business you will most likely be able to get off the ground and start actually doing business. And while this might make you unsatisfied and disappointed it’s important to always look ahead. In other words, taking smaller risks now will allow you to make larger and riskier decisions in the future. And if everything falls apart from that particular venue, with substantially less damage than if you did it right at the start of your entrepreneurial journey.

Nathan Ripley is Director of Maid Just Right an experienced, licensed and dependable house cleaning and maid service.

Visit Nathan at: MaidJustRight.net

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