The Live Talk Show Host and Author, Sharifah Hardie, is Helping Businesses Affected by Covid-19

Sharifah Hardie, the famous live talk show host and author, is making efforts in order to help businesses affected by Covid-19. Since the coronavirus pandemic has led to the global economic slowdown, the worst impact is seen on the small businesses. A lot of young entrepreneurs are facing troubles in their business activities due to COVID-19.

A lot of unprecedented changes in the business culture have been introduced due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And now, it has become important for every businessman to think out of the box ideas to survive in this prevalent situation of economic downturn. The coronavirus pandemic is expected to bring an innovative touch to every business.

In order to help struggling businesses in tackling this troublesome situation, Sharifah Hardie is doing the best she can at her level. Through “The Round Table Talk Show with Host Sharifah Hardie”, she is helping businessmen to interact with experts related to different subjects to learn important tips, strategies, recommendations and certain steps to grow their business during the tough times.


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