sales training workshopINCREASE YOUR SALES

Sharifah Hardie provides your company with a sales training workshop, at your location, that ensure sales professionals have the selling skills and tools needed to strengthen customer relationships and exceed their sales objectives.

Sharifah Hardie has created a custom training sales workshop for sales, sales management, customer service and business professionals such as owners and top executives. She offers a variety of sales training programs for every level of sales experience – from basic workshops for the sales novice to more advanced skill training for the seasoned sales professional.

Sales training workshops are based on Sharifah Hardie’s 25 years of Internet experience, sales, raising capital and social media marketing as outlined in Sharifah’s book, “Signs You Might Be An Entrepreneur.” Schedule your workshop today and learn how to give your sales team the necessary skills to generate revenue, increase customer retention and social media engagement.

For even more exposure for your business Be A Guest on Ask Sharifah Videocast or Ask Sharifah Podcast or consider placing your product or service in front of our audience as an Ask Sharifah Sponsor.

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