“Multiply the Length of Time You Think Something Will Take by Two” Tip From Abhi Lokesh

My top tip for having a successful business is to multiply the length of time you think something will take by two, and embrace the fact that nothing will ever happen as quickly as you want it to. Endurance is everything when starting a business, and it’s incredibly helpful to set realistic expectations around how long things will take. There truly is no such thing as an overnight success – even the smallest accomplishments are usually the product of many months or years of painstaking work. Become best friends with patience and prepare yourself for a long journey ahead of you.

Abhi Lokesh graduated from UF in 2009 with a bachelor’s degree in integrative biology. In 2006, he collaborated with 2 classmates, including future business partner Alex Theodore, to start a nonprofit focused on alleviating the health and poverty epidemic in Swaziland, Africa. This became the foundation from which Fracture, their current venture, was born.

Visit Abhi at: Fracture.me

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