Meet LyNea “LB” Bell & Sharifah Hardie The Dynamic Duo Redefining Black Business & Black News

Black business and black news have always been defined as a “Man’s World.” Not anymore. These two pioneering women, LyNea “LB” Bell and Sharifah Hardie, are shaking things up by redefining business and news on their own terms.

Southern California, CA – February 2, 2022 – LyNea “LB” Bell and Sharifah Hardie today announced the launch of their latest ventures and The two independent websites compliment each other by bringing Black news to individuals in the surrounding cities and beyond.

The Dynamic Duo launched the websites because they saw a need to bring attention to what was going on in the lives of the Black people in their community. The new platforms showcase the local Black community stories, successes, and accomplishments, as well as their struggles and brings attention to an underserved market of individuals who are making news the major media conglomerates tend to overlook.

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