Sharifah Hardie, also known as Ask Sharifah, has been a Long Beach, CA resident since 2003.

Sharifah’s two children graduated from Cabrillo High School in Long Beach, and her brother and sister graduated from Long Beach Poly Technical High School. Sharifah is a graduate of Downtown Business Magnet High School.

Sharifah’s mother, Daa’iyah Jordan, was in charge of Public Relations at St. Mary’s Hospital in Long Beach, for over 20 years. St. Mary’s Hospital was later renamed Dignity Health.


Sharifah is CEO of and She is Host of Ask Sharifah Videocast and Podcast. Sharifah is also the author of “Signs You Might Be An Entrepreneur – How to Discover the Entrepreneur in You” and the ebook, “Everything You Need to Know About Social Media Marketing.”

Sharifah built her first website in 1994, and has had an online presence ever since. She launched her first radio show in 2009 and is passionate about business. Ms. Hardie is a business consultant, online marketing specialist, and influencer. With over twenty five years of business experience, Sharifah Hardie has positioned herself to become one of the top executives in entertainment, business, politics and a person on the rise.

Sharifah served a key role as a Consultant and as Director of Marketing of Punch TV Studios. As such, she was able to assist the company to expand its reach, gain national exposure and raise millions of dollars in its Initial Public Offering (IPO). In addition, to the success Ms. Hardie has experienced at Punch TV Studios, she has also consulted with such companies as the Hollywood Film and Acting Academy, Roscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles, Pit Bull Energy Products, Jordan’s Rooter & Plumbing, Southern California Black Business Expo, Radiance Magazine, Sandy Chasteen, BOTI Studios, and countless other businesses.

Ms. Hardie has been able to harness the power of the Internet to build successful businesses, while simultaneously reducing  costs since the 90s. Her innovative style brings fresh ideas to the ever-changing landscape of business, technology, entertainment, media, marketing and advertising. She is an expert at raising capital, being able to take calculated risks to design new levels of recognition and acceptance for the businesses she works with and creating positive change in the lives that she touches.