“Identify your “Busy Work” – and Stop Doing It!” Tip From Ben Taylor

We all have tasks that take up time but don’t really make that much difference to the growth of a business. These kind of things can include spending ages composing social media posts before you have sufficient followers to make it worthwhile, relentlessly checking figures and stats, or tweaking logos or website designs when you’ve already done enough to move forward onto other things. The things that really need to be done to move a business forward are often the things we delay doing. As such, identify the things that keep taking time out of the working day, and look at whether they are really helping you make progress or if it wouldn’t actually make much difference if you stopped doing them. Just because you feel “busy,” it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re being productive.”

Ben Taylor is a serial entrepreneur since 2004 and founder of www.homeworkingclub.com, an advice portal for aspiring business owners.

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