“Hire for What You Need, Not for What You Think You’ll Need” Tip From Yana Nirshberg

As business owner and managing partner at Haus Mortgage, ParadigmNEXT, and BizCastHQ, one of the most important things I’ve learned from running a business is that you should hire for what you need, not for what you think you’ll need. By focusing on the tasks at hand and what your business demands now, the company can be run most efficiently..  Serial entrepreneurship and startups taught me the importance of running lean and nimble operations. It starts with hiring for what you need, not for what you think you will need. Allow your business’ elasticity by engaging freelancers and contractors instead of hiring full time teams for your short term projects, especially those requiring a niche set of skills. This is especially true for marketing agencies whose tactics vary so much from client to client, and campaign to campaign.

Yana Nirshberg is Owner and Managing Partner of HausM.com, ParadigmNEXT.com, and BizCastHQ.com

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