“Going Viral Through Reddit” Tip From Sam Wilson

I have a weird love/hate relationship with Reddit – it can be an extremely hostile website to try and push your brand on, but if you go about your promotion the right way it can be an incredible source of traffic. As a company operating in the upcoming CBD industry, we knew that there was a large CBD community on Reddit that we wanted to tap into. And we also knew that any time this community felt like a CBD business was being impacted by unfair laws, they would rally behind the business. So when we were forced to remove a product from our range due to unclear laws, we made a Facebook post and uploaded a screenshot of the post to Reddit. Pretty quickly we rose to the top submission on /r/CBD and drove hundreds of visitors to our business website. The Reddit submission continues to be seen by users and continues to drive traffic.

Sam is the co-owner of CBDiablo UK, a CBD company based in Scotland.

Visit Sam at: cbdiablo.co.uk

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