“Don’t Overlook Cybersecurity” Tip From Will Ellis

The most overlooked aspect of owning a business is cybersecurity. My one top tip to business owners is to do everything you can to secure your business. If you’re hacked or the subject of a malicious attack, that could be it, your business could be done. Luckily, securing your operation isn’t very difficult. Besides the basics, like training employees on proper security behavior and ensuring you have limited access to important information, you need to have a plan for an attack. The best way to do this is by working with an IT consultant. They will help you plan for a data breach, hack, or ransom event. Attacks are now absurdly prevalent and 43% of all cybersecurity attacks are on small businesses. You need to prepare for the worst and have a backup in place in the event of data loss. Hacking your own company is the best way to find vulnerabilities in your system, as well as your team. It helps to hire an IT specialist to audit your system but you can do many things yourself. You can do things like setting up a fake phishing scam to test your employees or even have someone plant fake malware to see how long it takes someone to notice. There are many ways to test your cybersecurity prowess.

Will Ellis is the founder of Privacy Canada. I’ve been a network security engineer for the duration of my 8+ year career, starting with IBM cloud and later founding PC with fellow colleagues. We are a mix of private+academics focused on security policy evangelism in Australia.

Visit Will at: PrivacyAustralia.net

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