WEEKDAYS 11:00 AM PST – 12:00 PM PST

Don’t Let Hating Sales Stop You From Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur!

Being an entrepreneur is being a problem solver / To sell is to be a problem solver / Being an entrepreneur is being a salesperson.

LEARNING OBJECTIVES: by the end of this webinar, attendees will

– understand the human nature of selling

– have the keys to overcome their fear of sales

– have tools to successfully sell as part of their business development


  • Why people don’t like sales?
    • Fear of rejection
    • Mental connection between “rejection” and “failure”
    • Not having the habit of selling
    • Salespeople are pushy
    • The Law of Attraction VS The Law of Averages
  • Don’t let that image of “sales” stop you!
    • Develop a routine
    • Build positive habits
    • Set your goals – make the Law of Averages work in your favor
    • “No” is a part of life
    • “Sales” is just business development
  • Leverage your digital presence as a sales channel
    • Build a good website
    • Utilize your website as a brochure
    • Your website is your digital business card
  • Grow your social media presence
    • Saves time, and delivers the message that you want
    • Do people recognize you and your business?
    • Engagement is key
  • Final note
    • You owe it to people! You’re good! Promote yourself!
    • Your business is helpful to people. Believe in it!

You will take home actionable next steps to improve your business. Confirm your seat below. Class held via Zoom Video Conferencing.