“Consider How Long it Takes for Any Business to Take Off” Tip From Reuben Yonatan

When I was first launching my business, I assumed it’d be all martinis and beach sand by the end of the year. It’s important that anyone considering starting a new business consider just how long it takes for any business to take off: you need at least 2-3 years of financial runway before you can expect to get into the black. From there, you’re likely looking at a couple of more years before you begin consistently generating solid revenue. Add in another 3-5 years before your business is stable enough for you to take real vacations.
The shortcut to all of the above? Hire strong support. Whether you are replacing yourself with a CEO, or hiring an outstanding operations manager or marketer, you need savvy individuals who can support your business, so that you can step away from time to time to avoid burnout.

Reuben Yonatan
Founder and CEO of GetVOIP

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