Ask for help.  You will be amazed by the number of people that will help you if you ask.  Lead with humility.  Research your challenges and then reach out to people that are successful and ask.   Most successful people love sharing their stories and advice.  They often don’t get asked.Continue Reading

“First of all, you have to figure out “as a person” and “as a business” how you communicate to the world. Find out which of these three ways works best for you.    –WRITTEN  –AUDIO  –VIDEO And then PRODUCE VALUABLE CONTENT to reach more audience in your niche.  This means, theContinue Reading

Be wary of advisers, especially if you have been in your space for many years. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to receive input from third parties, but take the advice with a grain of salt. You live and breathe your business. Your advisers don’t. Use judgement to filter outContinue Reading

Sell the Vision: When my company was young, it was tough to sell our offering. I had to find businesses that were willing to take a risk on a young company. I would have had an easier time selling if I sold “where we’re going” rather than “where we are”.Continue Reading

The biggest problem is when new entrepreneurs look for profitable ideas and gaps in the market, rather than making purposeful contributions to society. Even worse is the overuse of shortcut tactics and ‘growth hacks’ without caring about the product or market. As a serial online marketer, I’ve worked in dozensContinue Reading

Build relationships. This one is often greatly understated and underestimated. As a new business owner often our focus is immediately consumed by dollars and the bottom line. The reality is business is rarely about a sprint and more about a marathon. Building engaged relationships with acquaintances, staff, and clients mayContinue Reading