My top tip for those who are just starting out would be to have a ‘nothing is a problem’ kind of attitude. Many clients love to stop and chat with lawn mowing operators as it’s sometimes the closest and most regular form of interaction they get. Show your clients thatContinue Reading

One tip I’ve learned is to listen to your gut, and only take clients that you feel will be a good fit on both ends, ie., you will be able to help their business in the way they are looking for, and they will be able to pay you and not be aContinue Reading

What’s the one thing you could do that would have the most impact on the money your business makes? A fancy website? Nope. Social media? Nope. Hire people? Nope.  It’s this: Get really good at sales.  “I don’t like selling” or “I’m not good at sales” are things I oftenContinue Reading

A business plan is KEY to starting and maintaining a successful business. One does not simply just run and execute their business idea. You would not build a home without blueprints, would you? The same goes for a business. A business plan allows all the details of the business toContinue Reading