“Bring Together a Group of Mentors and Advisers” Tip From Beth Bridges

One of the most important things you can do as a new business owner is to bring together a group of mentors and advisers.  It could be formal, where you invite people to a meeting specifically to brainstorm, problem-solve or get advice. Or it could be as simple as a handful of business friends (successful friends!) that you reach out to on occasion for advice and encouragement.
If you don’t have a network like this already in place, it should be your first priority. Entrepreneurship and business ownership can be incredibly lonely. You will feel like the only person struggling with a problem unless you reach out. Then you’ll discover that not only is it common, but that someone probably has a solution for you. Having these people at your side will shorten your learning curve, save you from mistakes and help you become a successful business owner as well.

Beth Bridges – eBridge Marketing and The Networking Motivator, digital marketing expert and networking speaker, author and trainer.

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