“A Healthy Work/Life Balance is Essential” Tip From Frances Moss

The most important thing that anyone launching a new business needs to remember is that a healthy work/life balance is essential to having a successful business.

So much is said these days about the importance of a good work life balance and the need to be able to take the odd mental health day and relax that it has gotten to the point that whilst most of us know this, we pay this lip service rather than understanding it in a meaningful way.

This is especially the case for new business owners and entrepreneurs, who will often feel that taking an afternoon off or even just a couple of hours for themselves is a nice idea in principle, but a physical impossibility.

Most entrepreneurs and successful, established business owners live and breathe their work because they’re so invested in it and enthusiastic about what they do, and this is natural and even beneficial. But it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t switch off now and then and schedule some real quality time for yourself.

You won’t be able to give your business your best if you’re stretched too thinly, and being able to change your focus, take a break, and give your mind time to relax actually helps your business as much as it helps you! It gives you the breathing space and perspective you need to see the big picture and return refreshed and ready with enthusiasm and new ideas, which you won’t be able to do if you never come up for air.

Make sure to schedule in some “me” time once or twice a week when you can totally switch off from thinking about the business and leave your calls and emails for later; this can be hard at first, but persevere and set that time in stone so that it becomes a part of your routine.

This will help to ensure that you don’t burn out or become disillusioned early on before your business has even really gotten off the ground, and will mean that you are always able to give your business your best.

Frances Moss, Director, English Blinds

Visit Frances at: EnglishBlinds.co.uk

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