What Can Positive Thinking Do For You?

Positive thinking is often criticized on the grounds that it does not help to solve people’s real problems because it implies completely ignoring the negative aspects of reality. Unfortunately, this argument can be true for a few people among the many who practice it, but that does not invalidate the benefit of its use.

Influencing the Subconscious through the positive thinking:

Affirmations and positive visualizations to influence the subconscious may be necessary to achieve a better and healthier balance in emotional understanding. When the functioning of the subconscious mind to understand situations, real or imagined, is strongly inclined towards negativity due to an emotional conflict, affirmations and positive visualizations contradict the negativity implied by that conflict and therefore have the effect of achieving a more balanced of the positive and negative; in that way the person can adapt to their situations in a more realistic way.

Through affirmations and positive visualizations, an emotional cure can be obtained that psychologists refer to as reconstitution, reconstruction or reversion of the contents of the mind to its normal or healthy state. After you repeat your affirmations and positive visualizations to influence your subconscious what happens is a self-healing process that makes the balance of the positive and negative in emotional understanding it is more consistent with reality. One can still use unreal affirmations and visualizations, out of proportion, and the effect will be the same and possibly faster: a healthier balance between the positive and the negative part in the emotional understanding.

If the affirmations and visualizations are repeated for a sufficiently long time, it is probable that this balance changes becoming much more compatible with reality and that the emotional conflict tends to be completely reversed, freeing the person from its negative effects and also from the cause of these. Positive thinking is a very effective way to influence the subconscious is to fully understand its process of reconstitution against the changes that we can consciously suggest. We can teach you how to do it and give you the tarot methods to use in your specific case.

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